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About Recycling Revenue Partners

Learn how we create strategic recycling practices that lead to increased revenue and financial success.

- 2024 Press Release -

Recycling Revenue Partners Unveils Innovative Industrial Services

Founder & CEO Garrett Tracey Enters Industrial Recycling Sector as Trusted Consultant for Increasing Revenue Across Multiple Industries

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
National Recycling Coalition

What We Do

Mission: At Recycling Revenue Partners, our mission is clear.  We will serve the entire circular economy by providing professional access to experienced recycling consulting services to all stakeholders committed to the environment and the future. By doing this we will work with our clients to unlock the hidden revenue potential that exists in the circular economy to ensure the best possible financial outcome.  


Vision: At Recycling Revenue Partners our vision is to be North America's preeminent recycling consultant company serving the manufacturing, scrap, demolition, steel, construction, automotive, electronics, distribution, utilities, transportation, energy, mining, aerospace, and surplus industries. This vision is commitment to one singular goal: smartly building revenues for our clients across all touch points in the recycling process.

Values: Recycling Revenue Partners is committed to our clients, the circular economy, and generously supporting the communities that we service. The values that drive us daily are putting our clients interest first above our own, developing independent profitable solutions, building and maintaining relationships with the utmost of integrity and professionalism, while fostering a collaborative workflow model to achieve our clients goals.


Our Founder

Garrett Tracey is a scrap, recycling, and logistics industry veteran with more than 25 years of direct industry experience and has transacted over $2B in his career. As an ivy league alumnus, he and his team launched Recycling Revenue Partners to leverage the best practices, market visibility, and comprehensive information network developed over several decades to assist customers in achieving their business objectives.  Mr. Tracey is a trusted industry advisor that is often called on for trade publication insights, speaking engagements, and various think tank projects. He is an active Angel Investor and has held various managerial and executive leadership roles with industry-leading scrap, steel, recycling, and logistics  organizations including the David J Joseph Company, TMS International, and Sims Brothers Recycling. Mr. Tracey received a bachelors in Business from Miami University, his MBA with honors from Northern Kentucky University, and his GMP from The Wharton School. Mr. Tracey is involved with numerous non-profits and supports Recreation Unlimited and Ruby’s Rainbow.

Don’t go it alone. We can help.

Trusted by Companies Coast to Coast

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Your scrap and recyclables…
our dedication and experience

Join us in revolutionizing the way businesses approach recycling. At Recycling Revenue Partners, we believe that sustainable practices shouldn't just be a commitment to the environment; they should also be a strategic advantage for your company's financial success. Let's build a future where eco-conscious choices pave the way for increased revenue and a greener, more prosperous world. Contact us today to get started.

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